Individual / Dual Sports


Hockey  Rules / Terms

Skinney / Shinney Hockey name used first in 1799  
Deke Invented in Canada; First official game 1895; between two army regiments Offsides Rule: Must be behind the middle line on the ice/court before the ball/puck crosses over it.


Lacrosse Rules / Terms
Invented by William Beers in 1856 Native American Game dating back to 1637

used to settle disputes and to prove bravery / strength

Crosse (curved stick)

Long Crosse-defense

Short Crosse-offense

10 players on a side Out-of-Bounds Rule: Player closest to the ball when it crosses the boundary line gets to throw the ball back in to play. Crease-the circle area around the goal  occupied by the goalie and is to be free of any other player.


Soccer Rules / Terms
First Rules for modern soccer 1848 Soccer is called football in most place around the world, arguably the most popular world sport The game's beginning is associated with the country of England Dribbling, like in basketball, is the term used to move the ball around the field in a controlled manner
Hand Ball; A penalty in the game when the ball comes in contact with a players hand or arm. Yellow card-first time warning---second time ejection

Red card-ejection

Corner Kick

Goal Kick

Penalty Kick

Direct Kick

Offsides: must be at least  even with the last defender (not counting the goalie) before the ball is played in your direction. A player may run on to the ball  but must be on side at the time the ball is contacted
11 players on a side Positions: Goalie, Fullbacks (defenders), Midfielders (offensive and defensive responsibilities), and Forwards (primary offensive players) Throw in: two hands over head both feet touching the ground

Kick-off: occurs at the beginning of  a game, half, or after a score. The team that was scored on kicks off. Ball must make one revolution before it can be played by a teammate.

 Team Handball Rules / Terms  
 Movement Rules: 3 steps dribble 3 more steps, continuous dribble, 3 seconds (to dribble, move, or pass)  
 Basketball Style Defense                                                        Crease (7 meter line) no player inside area except goalie or a jump shot  

 Free throw, like a peneltyt kick, occurs from the (6 meter line) near where a free throw is taken in basketball, the shot is awarded after a player throwing the ball is fouled in the act, one shot is awarded one on one with the goalie

Jump Ball, when two players from opposite teams are holding the bal at the same time.

Jump Shot, a shot taken while jumping in the air from outside the crease and while in the air completing a shot on goal.

7 Player per team (6 attackers, 1 goalie)





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