The Clay County District Schools, in partnership with the entire


community, is dedicated to providing a quality physical education program,

so that all students are taught health and fitness concepts to promote wellness

for a lifetime.


Oakleaf High School Attendance Policy is followed in all Physical Education classes

Any student who accumulates up to 10 absences in a semester, may be subject to failure


PE students must be in the lockeroom before the tardy bell rings. Once a student accumulates 4 tardies a detention will be issued for the 4th and 5th tardy, and a referral upon the 6th tardy.




Ø  All Oakleaf High School Physical Education students are required to purchase and wear the P.E. uniform.  Sharing uniforms are prohibited.  Altering of uniforms, and graffiti is prohibited, doing so will result in a mandatory purchase of a new uniform.

Ø  Uniforms can be purchased from your P.E. teacher in class for $20.00 dollars, this includes a shirt and shorts.

Ø  Black or Gray appropriate fitting sweat pants and sweat shirts may be worn during cold weather at the PE instructor’s discretion (no hoods are to be worn during class).

Ø  All clothing worn must follow OHS Dress Code standards and not impede a student from participating safely and correctly in any activity.

Ø  White or Black athletic style socks are to be worn at all times.

Ø  Athletic (tennis shoes) with no-marking soles must be worn in all class activities.

Ø  Students failing to dress-out correctly (OHS shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes) will be required to stand against gym wall and remain there the entire period. There will be no talking, and a reading/ writing assignment will be assigned for the period.


Ø  Locks are mandatory for each P.E. student. They can be purchased for $ 5.00 dollars.

Ø  Only locks purchased through the P.E. department will be allowed in the lockerooms.

Ø  No sharing of locks, lockers, or locker combinations with any other student

Ø  All students are responsible for all items placed and locked in their locker.

Ø  All locks are to stay in the P.E. lockeroom.

Ø  The lockeroom will be locked 5 min after the tardy bell, and will remain locked until 7 min before dismissal bell.



Ø  No food, drinks, or gum allowed in the gym or lockeroom at ANYTIME.

Ø  No Backpack, purses, or other personal belongings in the gym. All items must be locked up in lockeroom , or school lockers.

Ø  No Ipods, cell phones, or other electronic devices, allowed in the gym or weight room.

Ø  Students must act in a respectful and mature manor at all times this includes:

o   No profanity

o   No dunking, or hanging on the rims

o   No horseplay or improper use of equipment

o   No bullying or fighting

Ø  Weight Room Safety procedures must be followed at all times while in the weight room. This includes a spotter present for lifting exercises.

Ø  Students are not permitted in any gym facility without the presence of a teacher or coach.

Ø  No touching of equipment until instructed to do so by your teacher.

Ø  No hats or bandanas will be permitted in the gym.

Ø  ATHLETES are required to participate regardless of GAMEDAY. Activities may be adjusted, but participation and dressing out are still required. You must earn your PE points.


Daily Point System

Ø  Dressing out permits you the opportunity to earn your daily participation points. If you are missing any article of the OHS uniform (including athletic shoes) you will lose your opportunity to earn points for the day, as well as the option to participate.

Ø  Participation points will be on a 5 points per day scale (points will be earned based on level of participation, and commitment to bell routine…5 points being the highest value).



Oakleaf High School Grading Scale

Ø  A =100-90 ; B=89-80 ; C=79-70 ; D=69-60 ; F=59-0

Grading Breakdown

70% Participation

20% Tests/Quizzes

10% Selected Activities


Ø  Unexcused absences result in loss of points for that day with no make-up.

Ø  Excused absences may be made up at teachers discretion.


1.       After dressing out students will report to their assigned areas, and sit in their assigned lines.

2.       After roll, students will participate in uniform stretching/agilities.

3.       At this time students will break apart by class for their respective class activities.

4.       7 minutes before the dismissal bell students will change back into their regular school apparel.

5.       From here, students can reside in the designated hallway (Not the gym or lockeroom) until dismissed by the PE Coaches


Ø  Students must sign the exit log before being permitted to leave class.




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