The Coaching Staff is looking forward to bulding our individual sport classes. These are intensive courses designed for students with extreme interest in the specific sport being offered. The course is designed to help develop you as a player, through history, strategy, fundamentals, concepts, terminology, and conditioning. Also giving you information on Coaching techniques and strategies to help offer a well rounded and long term basketball education. 


Dr. James Naismith is the inventor of basketball in 1891

Springfield, Massachusetts is thhe northeast city where the game of basketball was invented and the first game was played at a YMCA

A peach basket was the first basketball hoop used for the game of basketball

A Free Throw is a fifteen foot shot that is taken after a foul or technical

A three point shot is a shot taken from behind the arc, in high school 19 feet 9 inches from the basket.        

The basket is this many 10feet off the ground

Carrying is an illegal move caused by dribbling while putting your hand under the ball

 Traveling is an illegal move caused by taking two or more steps with the ball before dribbling not in the act of going for a lay-up

 Double dribble is an illegal move caused by dribbling then picking up the ball, and then dribble again, could also be dribbling with two hands at the same time.

 Give and go is a game strategy that involves passing, then cutting toward the basket to receive the ball back.

 Pick and Roll is a game strategy the involves setting this to free your teammate off the dribble, and then roll toward the basket




                   Position                                                                                            What they do……

1                Point Guard                  Best dribbler and passer, directs the offense, brings the ball up court

2              Shooting Guard                 Best and most frequent shooter            

3                Small Forward              Smaller than center and other forward, better ball handler and scorer

4              Power Forward                Not quite as big as a center, strong, rebounder, scores around the basket

5                    Center                       Usually the tallest, rebounder, blocks shot, scores around the basket



The game is started by a Jump ball


A foul is any contact deemed not nesseccary or excessive during play of the game that keep a player from regular play


Examples of violations / penalties in the game of basketballl;


double dribble



defensive block

3 seconds inthe lane

5 seconds holding the ball closely guarded


over and back of half court

hand checking

unsportsmanlike technicals(argueing, excessive contact)

Flagrant fouls



3 second rul is meant to keep the lane or paint free of offensive players, you are allowed 3 seconds in a rw in the paint before a violation is called


the over and back rule is when the offensive player brings the ball over the half court line in to the side he/she is going to score on, once that has happen they cannot take the ball back over the line on that possession

A player dives for a loose ball on the floor. As the player grabs the ball he rolls over with the ball. What is the violation/penalty? Traveling


An excessive or flagrant foul, arguing or talking back to an official/referee this type of penalty is called? technical


Activity day names (all activities are designed to be in a building up motion from easiest to hardest and from smallest number to highest number of participants, players get an oppotunity to break down activities and learn it in parts)(the pattern is a design to lay foundations of movement and physical activity for retention and mastery)


Mono y monm Monday (1 on 1 activities)

Two on two Tuesday (2 on 2 at a basket / 2 on 2 continuous)

Wall to Wall Wednesday (Perfection Drill, 3 on 2 on 1, 5 on 5 Build Up, Laker, Siena Shootout, Russian shooting drill)

Three on three thursday (3 on 2 on 1, 3 on 3 Live at a basket)

5 on 5 Friday


 We stretched out in a traditional static style in the hallway or stationary, without movement..... Out dynamic workout is done to focus on the large movement driven muscles of the body and warm them up by isolating them from individual movements to more and more complex movements.


Basketball Strategies that we learned in class:

Pick and Roll, Pick and pop, Give and Go, Push and Settle, Post and counter movement (post series), Spot and folllow, pentrate and kick, cutting away from the ball, circular movement, L cut, V cut, post up, shot fake, fake a pass to make a pass


 A player is dribbling down the sideline of the court, as he is dribbling the ball touches the sideline, what is the correct call? Who should get the ball? Out of bounds, the defensive team should get the ball


True or False.

Team A player is dribbling the ball and then picks up his dribble, Team B player knocks the ball away  from Team A player, Team A player can resume dribbling the ball?



Team B player shoots the ball it bounces above the rim and is still on the rim when Team A player hits the ball away. Is this a Goal-tending violation?



 It is a violation to use your leg or foot to intentionally kick the ball while defending a pass?



 A player while performing a jump ball may contact the ball only once before another player must touch the ball?



 A player in the act of shooting the ball is fouled by the defensive player. This is a shooting foul and the player that was fouled receives two free throw shots?






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